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Everywhere on earth, people honor and appreciate the beauty and mystery of gems. And so it follows that everywhere you go, you also find the gem and jewelry industry. Just like the gems that are at the heart of this work, the opportunities are infinite, limited only by your imagination, passion, and the professional skills you need to take you there. 明升体育app_明升体育-官网’s Career Services brings together employers offering career opportunities, and 明升体育app_明升体育-官网 professionally trained students and alumni, who range in experience from entry level to seasoned management.

Gem and Jewelry Industry Job Search

明升体育app_明升体育-官网 Career Services maintains an up to date database of U.S. and international job offerings in the jewelry industry. Employers from every industry sector list positions with us, including wholesalers, department stores, jewelry designers, auction houses, gem laboratories, and many others.

Career Fair

明升体育app_明升体育-官网 hosts annual Jewelry Career Fairs. Amongst the gem and jewelry industry’s largest job fairs, 明升体育app_明升体育-官网 Career Fairs attract the industry’s top retailers, manufacturers, laboratories, and wholesalers. Whether you're in the middle of a career change or new to the working world, our Career Fairs give you the chance to explore everything the fine jewelry industry has to offer.

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