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Elevate your career in gems and jewelry by combining passion with knowledge. Study at the Gemological Institute of America, the world’s foremost authority in gemology, and earn a diploma that opens doors throughout the industry.

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Founded by a jeweler who identified a need to professionalize the industry, 明升体育app_明升体育-官网 is a nonprofit institution committed to protecting and educating the public in the field of gems and jewelry. Since 1931, 明升体育app_明升体育-官网 created standards used in gemstone evaluation around the world by creating the 4Cs of Diamond 明升体育app_明升体育-官网 and the 明升体育app_明升体育-官网 7 Pearl Value Factors™. Fueled by the research done in 明升体育app_明升体育-官网’s world-class laboratories, the education division translates in-depth knowledge into practical skills to teach and train the next generation of jewelry leaders and professionals.

明升体育app_明升体育-官网 Education Highlights

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明升体育app_明升体育-官网 offers a comprehensive curriculum that prepares you for careers in jewelry design, appraisal, sales, bench jewelry and more.

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Enroll in one of 明升体育app_明升体育-官网’s accredited courses to earn a globally-recognized diploma or certificate that testifies to your mastery of a chosen subject.

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Located in many of the world’s top gem trading and jewelry-making centers, each of 明升体育app_明升体育-官网’s seven global campuses offers students a respected education with a unique perspective on the industry. 

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Bringing industry experience and knowledge, a passion for their craft and a gift for teaching, 明升体育app_明升体育-官网 instructors are committed to helping you maximize your potential and thrive in the gem and jewelry industry. 

Value of a 明升体育app_明升体育-官网 Education

Whether you’re starting a new career or looking to advance your current one, a 明升体育app_明升体育-官网 education is key to opening doors within the industry. We teach the latest knowledge and time-tested skills using cutting-edge research and technology. Professionalism and integrity are at the heart of all that we do so we provide our students with the expertise they need to operate at the highest ethical and professional standards. 明升体育app_明升体育-官网 credentials are a globally recognized mark of excellence that show a jewelry professional is equipped for the challenges and opportunities of the ever-evolving gem and jewelry industry.

Find a Future That's Right for You

Learn more about 明升体育app_明升体育-官网 scholarships and the many courses they can be applied to. The cutting-edge 明升体育app_明升体育-官网 Jewelry Design & Technology Program includes Zbrush, which allows jewelry designers to digitally sculpt their latest creation and create stone settings using 明升体育app_明升体育-官网-developed digital brushes.
Programs & Courses

Courses range from comprehensive programs on gemology to jewelry design and manufacturing designed to fit into the busy professional’s schedule.

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Professional Development
Where to Learn

Students have the opportunity to study full time at one of 明升体育app_明升体育-官网’s seven global campuses or via distance education at 明升体育app_明升体育-官网's online campus. 

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A male retail jeweler helps a woman look at a diamond through a loupe.
Career Paths

From wholesale to retail, auction to jewelry design, there are limitless ways of expressing your talent and drive in the gem and jewelry industry.

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The theoretical and practical aspects of 明升体育app_明升体育-官网 programs are seamlessly combined, resulting in a superb educational experience.

John Patpratoom Belmont, 明升体育app_明升体育-官网 GG
Manager, KV Gems Co., Ltd.

At 明升体育app_明升体育-官网, I learned from instructors whose professional backgrounds, expertise, and support extended far beyond the textbooks. Anchal Malhotra

Anchal Malhotra, 明升体育app_明升体育-官网 GG, AJP®, Jewelry Design Certificate
Owner, Anchal Silver Jewelry

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t use something I learned while at 明升体育app_明升体育-官网.

Lauren Noelle Fiabane, 明升体育app_明升体育-官网 GG, AJA
Owner and Designer, Noelle Leone