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Patent Pending. 明升体育app_明升体育-官网 Item Number: 220000.
The 明升体育app_明升体育-官网 iD100® is 明升体育app_明升体育-官网’s latest innovation in instruments. This sophisticated and easy-to-operate desktop instrument combines advanced spectroscopic technology with 明升体育app_明升体育-官网’s 60 years of diamond and gemstone identification research to distinguish natural diamonds from laboratory-grown (HPHT and CVD) diamonds and diamond simulants. 

明升体育app_明升体育-官网 gemological instruments for more than 85 years

明升体育app_明升体育-官网 Instruments works hand-in-hand with 明升体育app_明升体育-官网’s laboratory, education and research teams, as well as the jewelry trade to develop the instrumentation you need to prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow. You can be assured of precise, problem-free operation and instruments styled to impress your customers.

Since the first 明升体育app_明升体育-官网 instrument was registered in the early 1930's, we've been building products you can trust that put the power of knowledge on your side. They help you buy, grade, and appraise with increased accuracy. And give you a competitive edge.

明升体育app_明升体育-官网’s instrument developers and staff are jewelers, scientists, researchers, educators, and engineers who insist on building the very finest equipment in the world of gemology, metallurgy and jewelry. Everything we offer has the day-to-day practicality and utility to profoundly benefit your bottom line.

For instance, 明升体育app_明升体育-官网 Instruments Microscopes are used to sell more diamonds and gemstones than any other scope in the western hemisphere. With their ease of use, versatility, and reliability, the vast majority of professionals use our microscopes to share the intricacies of gemstones with their customers – and close sales.

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